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Excerpt from "lead Asia.

2003Works in "home" shows the face disappeared completely bizarre and inane representation. This is a vacant face, face disappeared, face hole.
Face without a word of it, are changing facial expressions and movements are not void.
Tetsuya Ishida, represented through this work was of what it would be? The ghosts of that black holes on the face, as if in or who are the children a glimpse of memories to the surface into nothingness? When nothing stood out like the ghost was frustrated when I had to face the dream space removed face, is the owner of this face world any relationship with that? It's a face there is no hope of? Said that there is no hope, that means what? "No hope" that appear when and how?
Difference and we may well think that the hope is not an optimistic mind for future-oriented. Hope's imposition of the strange minds who have no difficulty of hope, the hope always in the springs. There the elders came to extinction due to people in Africa were destroyed by Auschwitz prisoners crime, famine and civil war, thousands of acres of forest in the Amazon near the magic hope without hope. Hope and despair, and the odds are not mechanically. Blocked the objective possibilities for the well from the edge of desperation would bloom would wonder.
Tetsuya Ishida, from this point of view, also known as a self portrait of a lost generation of Japan called that "a cooperative face" without hope, without drift off its face and would hope to see signs of hope exists in the areas of persistent courage resilience, even to lose face. So, from the point that face down deep anxiety to look at it.

Excerpt from "lead Asia.
Author; the your & Inn-Hyeon
Japan translation; Lee Hyun (Tama Art University Art Department of Biophysics)