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Happy New Year!
Thank you again this year.

This year decided sell exhibition in Taichung city, Taiwan National Taiwan Museum of fine arts.
3By 6/3 schedule from June 24."By 2050 A Brief Histoty of the Future"At the exhibition and the only Japanese entry.
This exhibition is from Royal Belgium Museum of art, the Louvre, Palais de Tokyo, Milano 9/2015 joint exhibition in the Royal Museum of Belgium(Palazzo Grassi)The is the second traveling exhibition.
Ishida, Tetsuya work across Taiwan is second decade Buri.
Exhibits will be in "mother and child statue at a convenience store".
We are looking forward to the things that can be exhibited by many customers who have been impressed by Ishida works more than the Japanese Taiwan.
By all means stop by.

Also in August of this year in the local exhibition planned.
If you decide the details will be posted here.

At National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts