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Reviewarticles in Spain

Currently, more than 24,000 people have died in Spain due to the worsening infection and damage caused by the new coronavirus in Japan.
The world's toughest blockade was predicted by the work of Tetsuya Ishida, who held an exhibition last year. It has become a state that a lot of articles such as etc. can be seen very much.
I am surprised and grateful to the People of Spain for the fact that the memories of the exhibition are still vivid.
I pray for an early end even if it is possible to do.

Tetsuya Ishida's exhibition held at Velázquez Palace a year ago predicted the current reality.
Toruya Ishida's work in Japan was reproduced a year after it was exhibited at the Reina Sofia Art Center.
Exhibition at Reina Sofia Art Center, which was ahead of reality
Before it happens 、、、 artists who have drawn confinement.
A year after the exhibition hosted by the Reina Sofia Center for the Arts was held, Tetsuya Ishida's work has rediscovered its meaning.