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Tetsuya Ishida Exhibition Notes, A Note of Dreams
2013September 7-10/27

I've never seen a painting with such a burning impact. Various places were drawn in detail, and I thought it was expressive and amazing. I thought it was amazing that he used palettes and brushes so much. Thank you very much for showing me the amazing picture. I'm also studying drawing, so it was helpful!
While women

Is it a happy or unhappy thing to be aware? "Under the umbrella of the president" How can you find out at the age of 23 、、、?
Sapporo city women

Rebellious shoot picture is intended to better understand energy body felt sore as I came through the front of the picture and the
75Old housewife

We are now battling with seemingly never-ending pressures in society. When I saw Tetsuya Ishida's work, it overlapped with my daily expression, and I felt somewhat lonely, but relieved、、、 I didn't overdo it, didn't try too hard, didn't have such anxiety, and decided to live naturally. I wanted to meet you.
21Old woman

The importance of autonomy and freedom! There is light at the end of the darkness! I'm grateful for who I am!
66Year old man

I know certain things that doomed the Wu ZAO beauty to become a car designer's dream, had a specific goal or "rim" or is the result of a compromise, if maybe it was junior "Ishida-Kun".

Mr. Ishida's parents, I received a lot of realizations today. From tomorrow, I'm going to turn my work at the company into a job. Thank you very much. So, as for the connection、、、 Raphael, Jakuchu Ito, and Michelangelo will suddenly go to the exhibition this year.

Yesterday it was Suho Takeuchi. I was going to go to a hot spring in Yamanashi, but I slept twice, turned on the TV, and went to Ishida's program, yes, Ashikaga!I made an immediate decision. Ashikaga is the city where I lived as a student until S52~56.

Led to the birthplace of the first woman to come to the temple and the grave(But I think she's alive)Until then this museum came with no navigation BIKE and sue.

Anyway, it had an impact. I also ask for a catalogue and tell young people about Mr. Ishida.
Pray please pray for his soul.
55Male corporate HR interim management

I also figure painting(Young women)But it's nowhere near Ishida's depth!
(It is natural...)。
It's really unfortunate that he died at such a young age, but I feel that everything that Mr. Ishida should have left behind in the world was fully depicted. I believe that it will be passed down forever and will leave a deep impression on people's hearts. I'm really glad that I came across Tetsuya Ishida's work. Thank you.
60Year old man

You can tell that he was really struggling and suffering from "living". Some of the works were painful to watch. Was there light at the end of suffering and suffering??
I'm still in the tunnel, but I've come to feel a glimpse of light. I pray that your soul is now saved in a peaceful world.
41Old woman

Kohei Otsuka Museum of art

Tetsuya Ishida Exhibition Notebook Signs of Dreams

I also aspire to the painter is a.
As I studied at art school, I was worried about what I should draw and how I should live, and I didn't know what to do. Looking at Mr. Ishida's work and notes, I was holding back tears. Thank you very much for showing us your wonderful work.

Exhibition showed us.
When I first saw Mr. Ishida's paintings, I wondered what they were, but when I look at them now, I am reminded of a lot of different things. Lonely, sad, scary, funny, etc., various emotions come out in one picture, and it is a strange feeling.

It's all painful and empty. But it's not "dark", it's somehow powerful and gentle. "To live", "to die", "to live"...

I was struck by the fact that such things were conveyed. A feeling that I can't put into words. I'm sure Ishida's paintings are the only ones that make me feel this way. Personally, I like the caricatures of the first semester, but I was glad to see the somewhat quiet and gentle paintings of the second half live this time.

Mr./Ms. Ishida, pictures and feelings are deeper than before by as well-known and surely along much longer from now(picture)Right. I am truly sorry that he passed away at such a young age. Also, a lot of children came to see it today, and it was interesting to see them all with the eyes of "what is it?"

It also reminded me of the first time I saw it. I hope those kids will come to see them when they're my age again. Thank you very much. I'm going to keep going.

4Before my birthday on the 20th of January, I found out that Mr. Ishida's work was coming to my hometown, and I came here with a lot of excitement. I was really happy to know that there was someone who could express the negative emotions and sadness in the world that I had been storing in my heart through my job hunting, and I was moved to tears.

Sad aeration of the world might look like is Mr./Ms. Ishida are deeply hurt much senn細 to me, does not mind people laugh but well it, and hard to live as long as make-up to come from this, but feel like I feel, I gathered the courage of becoming selfish camaraderie, live.

I think how nice it would be if there were people like Mr. Ishida around me. Today, when I saw Mr. Ishida's work for the first time, I truly thought that I didn't want to live as a warrior with such a sad look in my eyes.

I don't have high goals or objectives like Mr. Ishida, but in a few months, I will quit my job, free my mind a little, and live as a freelancer. I will do my best until I find my true place and happiness.
To my favorite painter, Mr. Ishida!

Hello. Tetsuya-San.
I will be Tetsuya's junior. In March last year, I graduated from Mousavi Vision. Currently, I quit my job and spend my time painting and looking at various things.

Today on the first day of the exhibition to be a good!It was the first time since I saw a live painting at the Yokohama Triennale in 2011, so I felt like I was waking up to the fullest. Above all, the things that were written in croquis books and notebooks were very interesting and relatable.

I was born 20 years 15 years earlier, I might have been on campus together.

Imai Sensei(Currently, Professor, Mousavi remembered why.)I had chosen to take a class on visual design and theory of expression, and I wanted to be friends with them because I was taking the same class. I'm sure there are a lot of "humorous" pictures in heaven. I would like to live my life without being defeated.

"Never be discouraged, but be light" The expression is annoying, annoying, but fun! Thank you very much for your time today!

I lost my husband 11 years ago. It was a brain tumor. At that time, I didn't have time to cry because I was raising my sons in first and third grade. The sky was fine. It was the encounter with Mr. Ishida's work that made me free my body and mind from the painful things that made me want to cry.

When I saw it for the first time, the lightness of that body was a strange and indescribable feeling. A few years ago, a collection of works(All works?)Purchase a heavy heavy is encouraged to go is the one surviving one.

It's still painful. I've also laughed at the gags. In hard times, Mr. Ishida, humor is similar to mine. I wanted to meet you. Thank you. Alive.

Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of art

Tetsuya Ishida Exhibition Notebook Signs of Dreams

Let me look really works.
I don't really know what the author was saying or what he was thinking, but I felt that there was no dissatisfaction with the world or society. The artist's thoughts when he was heading to a large campus were that the viewer should feel something freely. I interpreted it as if it was such a message.

I would like to see this exhibition several more times. And I want to understand the author's thoughts as much as possible. It's a real shame that as the years go by and society changes, we won't be able to see how the artist will depict it.
47Year old man

I thought there were many humorous pictures, but there were also many that made me think. Is the fact that there are many office workers a sign of a complex?! I wanted him to live and release more works to the world, but Heaven did not give him two things and rushed to live, in a sense Banzai to Tetsuya Ishida, a free man!
47Old women

I didn't expect someone from the same area as me (Yaizu) to appear in the prefectural beauty! It's already a great feeling. Also, if my paintings were to be exhibited at the Prefectural Beauty、、、 I would be about to crack my head.

I think Tetsuya is my hero. Because if the same local person were a painter, I would be energized. If Tetsuya were alive now and we could meet and become friends, I would like to be his disciple. And I just want to show you my paintings.
I was about to enter junior high school, and when I joined the art club, I wanted to do my best like Tetsuya. After all, he painted a lot in his short life of 31.
12Year old man

I was able to see a variety of things, from surreal to esoteric pictures. I am impressed by the picture that makes me curious about the inside of the person's head and want to ask him directly.

I was simply fascinated by his ability to turn dreams into paintings, simply by his skill at painting. The rough sketches and idea notes were interesting, and I could see the changes until the work was created. My interest in him only increases.
25Year old man

I came by that "sounded like from" the advice of friends.
A surreal, "first, and watched with interest, but gradually to contemporary issues and themes in proportion to have such thought-provoking paintings glued, we felt very interesting.

Is going to draw for this destination even more interesting is if you want to die so soon, even though I thought, sorry.
32Old women

It was like being sucked into the eyes of every picture. I hope that these paintings will be seen by many people around the world.
43Old women

Taiwan or not as it is.
Tetsuya Ishida is one of my favorite surreality painters. This exhibition was seen slowly. It really impressed me. I'm not good at Japanese, so I had to write a lot of words properly. Mr. Tetsuya ~ Thank you very much.
40Year old man

I happened to see the writer Tetsuya Ishida at a bookstore last year and couldn't help but be curious, so I thought I'd remember his name. And by coincidence, I searched the library for his art book and found the catalogue of this exhibition.

But until I see the final page will be held in Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of art, and soon!I didn't notice it, and when I found out about it, I took the plunge and visited by myself on the bullet train. Actually, I was worried about coming alone (I came by car with my husband about 5 years ago), but I thought that I should not miss this opportunity、、、 so I'm glad I did.

It's an impression that you can't experience in art books or catalogs. And my sadness came back when I remembered the moment of my husband's death, who died three years ago. When I visited with my husband and the past, we took a closer look at the Rodin building together. It's hard to find the courage to put foot in that Rodin building, but I'll see it even if it brings tears to my eyes.
50Old women

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